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I'm MrSunBlock, your friendly protection hero.

Prepare today, no pain tomorrow!

It all started in San Francisco with some black boots, a cardboard sign, and free sunblock for everyone. Now, we’re a team of friends helping to make our communities better protected with party protection tips, gear, and skincare recommendations. Join the newsletter to learn more.

We've all felt the sting of a really whacky sunburn.

After getting a really bad burn in the park one day, I saw an opportunity for something amazing. With a little help from my friends, we came up with the idea of MrSunBlock to save the day. We provide party protection insights to help keep you fresh all summer long.

Is MrSunBlock sponsored?

Currently MrSunBlock does not have any sponsors but we love talking to dermatologists and skincare companies. If you have an idea for a MrSunBlock partnership we'd love to hear from you!